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Taxi Travel

Taxis are the backbone of transport in Egypt. Fares are cheap and, in theory, regulated, but if you take a black taxi, you'll need to haggle. Ask your guide or hotel concierge what are realistic fares between destinations before you depart. Taking a taxi to or from any hotel will always be more expensive than taking one from the street. And always make sure you agree to a fare with the driver before you enter the taxi.

In Cairo, white and yellow taxis have meters. Make sure the driver turns on the meter when you enter. White taxis start at £E2.50 and yellows at £E3.50. They typically charge £E0.50 by the kilometer and the same for one minute of waiting. Yellow taxis charge less for the wait, so if you take one to a tourist site, it is not a bad idea to ask the driver to wait for you outside.

In Sharm El-Sheikh, taxi fares are posted at major taxi stands, but visitors rarely make it to these places to check out the prices. Hikes in fuel prices in 2008 have also played havoc with well-established fares.


City Cab (yellow). City Cab (yellow) in Cairo only, especially for airport transport. 16516; 19195.


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